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Hidden Halls

Puzzle House

What a fun night! In the depths of winter, a mysterious evening of ​sleuthing around this house is a perfect experience for family and friends ​to rally around. It’s a great way to unlock your inner Sherlock Holmes!

John Gaddo


So impressive! We know Lanesboro and the opportunities here, this is hands down ​our favorite thing offered in town in the winter. I’ve had to bring back multiple groups ​of friends, so they can discover the remarkable secrets of this house!

Allie Palmer - Root River Inn

“Thank you so much for a fabulous experience! We loved visiting your beautiful home ​and exploring all the nooks and crannies to find the missing artwork. It far exceeded ​our expectations! (And we knew it would be really fun!)”

AB, Oronoco, MN

The script for the adventure is original and fun. As we tried to interpret our clues to ​discover where the artworks were hidden we were amazed at the clever wit and ​mechanics involved with creating the secret hideaways. We loved having our whole ​family involved and even our eldest son was super impressed!

Steve Maloney

“I thoroughly enjoyed getting into character while experiencing a creative and ​delightful evening exploring a captivating and ingenious house!”​

RB, Harmony, MN

A perfect way to spend an evening with friends or family. Snoop, decipher ​clues, connect the dots…and tread lightly through the ins and outs of your ​mystery – and the ingenious house where it takes place!

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Puzzle House

Can you unravel the clues to ​find what’s missing?

1 hour experience - 2-4 people

Murderless Mystery

2 hour character immersion ​evening for 6-7 adults

De​signers Tour

Backstage pass to the design ​and creation of Hidden Halls ​with it’s creator

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In 1940, your wealthy French Uncle Vincent foresaw the German ​invasion of France. An avid art collector, he quickly hid away his ​valuable art collection and left his home to take a “holiday”. As he was ​leaving, he sent of identical letters to each of his nephews and nieces. ​He survived the war, but died unexpectedly before he was able to ​return to his home.

The year is 1946. As his heirs, you, his nephews and nieces, have ​gathered at his home to attempt to locate his priceless artwork ​collection while the clock is ticking.

This adventure is recommended for 2-4 people and will take ​approximately 1 hour.



Cost - $30 per person

Call 507-467-4500 ​to Reserve

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Signing contract
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It’s New Year’s Eve of 1947 in Halifax, Nova. Scotia. Uncle Edward, ​who has no children of his own, has invited his nephews and nieces ​to join in a New Year’s Eve party and observe the signing of his will.

As part of the British Commonwealth, Canada is under English ​common law. Uncle Edward has a brief window of opportunity to ​create an official uncontestable will. If the will is not signed by ​midnight, then English common law kicks in and the eldest inherits ​everything.

This adventure is recommended for 6-7 adults and will take ​approximately 2 hours.. An email of characters, roles and character ​specific secrets will be sent out in advance.

One line drawing book

Cost - $35 per person



Prepare for a fun event

The mystery itself is highly interactive, and you have opportunity to move throughout ​the house as the mystery progresses. If you are able and willing to crawl on your hands ​and knees for a few yards and are comfortable with, say, hiding in a closet for a few ​minutes, all the better. It’s not required, but it adds to the fun.

Dressing for the 1940s is optional, but keep in mind that mobility is important (e.g., no ​cumbersome clothing, no high heels).

Call 507-467-4500 ​to Reserve


Peter and the ​dream that ​took a lifetime ​to build

Pe​ter Torkelson

Designer & Builder ​of Hidden Halls ​Puzzle House

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Once you’ve experienced a mystery at Hidden Halls you’ll want ​more. This private tour of the home, the workshop and the mind ​that put it all together and will drive you push beyond the limits of ​what you think is possible.

Look at the blueprints, planning stages and see how Peter brought ​it all together to create this ingenious and one of a kind ​experience.

This 2 hour experience for 1-4 people will satiate your curiosity ​and inspire you to live your dreams.



Cost - $250 for up to 4 people


Call 507-467-4500 ​to Reserve

The Scandinavian Inn

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Hidden Halls

Puzzle House

Th​e Scandinavian inn

701 Kenilworth Ave S ​Lanesboro, MN 55949-9736